Get Your Copy of “Medicare and You”

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The Medicare and You Handbook are Now Available Electronically and Instantly!

The “Medicare and You” handbook is still one of the primary resources we use when training agents. We make sure each new agent has read it in its entirety. It is also a great resource to have on hand for Medicare beneficiaries. Though there are still some caveats undiscussed in the book, we still think of it as the Medicare Bible. 

In an increasingly paperless world, we are moving more and more toward digital convenience. The yearly handbook “Medicare and You” is always available per request, but now there is an easier way to acquire it. It is searchable for the information you are needing. This makes finding the information you need fast and easy without the frustration of feeling helpless with such important decisions.

To receive your free digital copy of “Medicare and You”:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill Out the required information. This is the official Medicare website; your information is secure here. 
  3. Get Your Copy Now, and Every Year a New Version is Released. 
electronic interface for Medicare and You

You have the option to download a copy of the current version, but if you want it to be electronically sent to you yearly, then you will need to fill out the necessary information. 

You may also receive this handbook in different and more accessible formats, like Braille, large print, data/audio files. If you require these, then visit or call 1–800-MEDICARE

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