How to Enroll in Medicare

STEP 1: Pick Which Option Applies to You:


“I’m turning 65 and don’t or will not have employer insurance.”

You qualify for your initial enrollment period for Medicare Parts A and/or B.   This is a 7 month rolling window based on your birthday month.  This period includes 3 months prior to the month you turn 65, the month of your birth and 3 months after.  Please note if you were born on the 1st day of the month, your 7 month window starts a month earlier.  In most cases, you will want to enroll for both Medicare Part A and B.

On average, Medicare Enrollment takes 2-4 weeks to process. If you are already on Social Security your enrollment is automatic, you do not need to apply and you will receive a Medicare card automatically.

3 Ways to Sign-up For Your Medicare: (we cannot do this for you).

  1.  Call the Social Security Office to sign-up.  Sometimes they can help right away, but most often they will schedule a future phone appointment.
  2.  Go in to your local Social Security office.  Sometimes they can help you on the spot, but most often they will schedule a future appointment.
  3.  Go online:  See below steps:
    A.  Click here for the link to set up your “my social security account”.  Make sure to keep your user name and password handy.
    You will need them for the next step (and likely in the future when accessing this account).
    Then scroll down and click “create an account”
    B.  After this is doneclick to sign up for Medicare A & B (A is implied, they don’t specifically ask if you want A).


*Please note: you must create a Social Security login before you can use the “Sign-up for Medicare Online” link.

*If you already have a Social Security login click here.  Click “start a new application”.
*Note: Different dates may apply if you are under age 65 and if you have been on Social Security Disability for at least 24 months.


“I am past age 65 and 3 months and have had credible employer health insurance. I’m getting ready to retire, or have recently retired and I already have only Medicare A (not Part B).”

If you currently have employer health insurance (or have had it within the last 8 months), you will need to:
1.   Complete a Medicare Part B application.
2.  Have your employer complete the Medicare Employer Verification form.

You can do either #1 or #2:
1.  Download the Medicare Part B application and the Medicare Employer Verification from below.  Fill-out the Medicare Part B application and have your employer fill out the Employer Verification Form and return to you. Then fax, mail or bring them to your local Social Security Office. (link below to find Social Security office info).


2.  Click here to sign-up for Medicare Part B and ALSO upload the completed Medicare Employer Verification Form with this application

Always keep originals.  Also write at the top of your Medicare Part B Application “Effective date: May 1, 2023” (the date you wish to begin).

It is highly recommended that you call your local Social Security office about 3 days after you have faxed your paperwork to verify that they have received all of your documents.  The phone number can be found on the link below for your local Social Security office.

*Reminder that you will need 2 Employer Verification forms if your spouse is signing up as well.


“I am past age 65 and 3 months and have had credible employer heath insurance.  I have NOT signed up for Medicare A and B yet.”

In this case, it might be easiest to call Social Security to set up a phone appointment or an in person appointment to sign-up for Your Medicare A and B.  You will need the Employer Verification form filled out.  See below to download this form.  Always keep originals.

STEP 2: Supplement Your Medicare A/B Correctly.

DON’T Forget there is more you need to do.  Enrolling in Medicare A/B is just the beginning.

Don’t get caught covering the 20% gap out of your pocket as well as all the hospital deductibles.
Call us for help figuring out which of the below options work best for you.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Part D – Prescription Plans 

Medicare Advantage Plans

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